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Shooting live theatre is difficult, to say the least.  You cannot use a flash; most of the time, you really don’t know the blocking of the show, so entrances and exits can come as a surprise; the actors are moving; you cannot stop and pose them; make sure their eyes are open and they’re not making a funny face.  My goal as a theatre photographer is to capture the emotion of the scene.

The photos below are from a production that opens this weekend in Atlantic Beach, Black Pearl Sings.

IMG_2990Black Pearl Sings, a play set during the Great Depression, follows two dramatically diverse women on their quests to obtain their portion of one of life’s Happy Endings. Susannah, a white researcher from the Library of Congress, is on a journey to immortalize the musical hymns sung “’round the days of slavery” in order to secure a position with an Ivy League College- but only if she stumbles upon a song old enough to solidify her worth. Pearl is a prisoner in a Texas facility, who when her daughter comes up missing, devises a plan to sing her way into Susannah ‘s life by trading fragments of her musical heritage for a ticket to freedom in order to search for her one and only daughter.

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