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October 2015

9. Live Theatre

Theme 46:  Tell A StoryIMG_2980

Shooting live theatre is difficult, to say the least.  You cannot use a flash; most of the time, you really don’t know the blocking of the show, so entrances and exits can come as a surprise; the actors are moving; you cannot stop and pose them; make sure their eyes are open and they’re not making a funny face.  My goal as a theatre photographer is to capture the emotion of the scene.

The photos below are from a production that opens this weekend in Atlantic Beach, Black Pearl Sings.

IMG_2990Black Pearl Sings, a play set during the Great Depression, follows two dramatically diverse women on their quests to obtain their portion of one of life’s Happy Endings. Susannah, a white researcher from the Library of Congress, is on a journey to immortalize the musical hymns sung “’round the days of slavery” in order to secure a position with an Ivy League College- but only if she stumbles upon a song old enough to solidify her worth. Pearl is a prisoner in a Texas facility, who when her daughter comes up missing, devises a plan to sing her way into Susannah ‘s life by trading fragments of her musical heritage for a ticket to freedom in order to search for her one and only daughter.

IMG_3027     IMG_3148

IMG_3079     IMG_3086


8. Dawn’s Early Light

Theme 10: Dawn’s Light

As we get close to daylight’s savings time ending, I like to go to the beach for some sunrise photos.  This past weekend, only dawn photos were available because as the sun was getting ready to crest the horizon, the clouds closed in and there was only a gradual increase of light.

Dawn was, however, beautiful.




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